Sarah Boczko-Eyre:  Registered Hypnotherapist
C.H. Dhyp (Clinical Hypnotherapy), 
C.H. D. Plreg (Past Life Regression Therapy) 
Ba Hons,  PGCE,  D32,  D33, D34,  Dip.Counselling,  
Dip. Life Coaching,  Reiki Master Teacher.

Tel: 0791 709 7419 or 

Have you finally realised the cost implications to smoking and have decided now is the time to quit?
Is it time to realise your potential and be the person you have always wanted to be but you just need that boost in confidence and motivation?
Has that dream holiday become a necessity to ease the stresses of life but you are too afraid to fly? Time to get over your phobias?
Fed up of fad yoyo dieting that doesnt work? Cant stop eating when full? Eat when you are emotional, for comfort? Thinking of drastic gastric band surgery? Imgaine a future being the healthy size you want to be without dieting.
If you have answered YES to any of the above then Hypnotherapy is for you. Here at Hull Hypnotherapy we can help you to unlock your own potential and free you from the cycles you are trapped in.  We work together to help you help yourself.

 Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not just merely the absence of disease or infirmity. 

~ World Health Organisation 1948

So, does hypnotherapy work?  Here at Hull Hypnotherapy we encourage clients to take an active role over their treatment sessions, hypnotherapy isnt simply a passive easy option.  It does require work on the part of the client and commitment.  We have gathered some news articles on the benefits of hypnotherapy so have a read for yourself and make up your own powerful mind.
Why visit Hull Hypnotherapy for your treatment?
1. Hull Hypotherapy works to a strict code of ethics and best practise.  Part of this is to work hard to get to the bottom of the problem in the shortest time frame, allowing the solution to be more cost effective for clients and taking up less of their time.
2. The prices are charged per session, a session can take between 60 and 90+ minutes so you wont be charged anymore for a longer session.
3. Hull Hypnotherapy are insured and qualified in all the therapies delivered to you, always using the best possible techniques to bring about the desired results.  Qualifications achieved to distinction level.
4. Appointments are available for evenings and weekends, mutually convenient times are discussed when you call.
5. The treatment room is a private therapy centre in a quiet area with a holistic feel, the sounds and smells make it a full sensory experience.  Option of the sesion taking place on the sofa or leather recliner, to suit clients comfort.
6. Hull Hypnotherapy prices are competitive and reflect the quality and length of training undergone and service you will recevie.
7. Hull Hypnotherapy are always easily contactable by telephone (0791 709 7419) or email: